Nitri-Knit NK803ESIN - Pair

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Item #: NK803ESIN-XXL Size: 11 XXL
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Item #: NK803ESIN-XL Size: 10 XL
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Item #: NK803ESIN-L Size: 9 Large
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Item #: NK803ESIN-M Size: 8 Medium
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Item #: NK803ESIN-S Size: 7 Small
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100% High-Grade Nitrile coated supported glove with Cotton/Poly Insulating Liner

•    Superior resistance to cuts, snags, abrasions and punctures.
•    Performs better than natural rubber, neoprene and vinyl gloves when exposed to solvents, caustics and animal fats.
•    Insulating poly/cotton liner for low or elevated temperatures.
•    Tested up to 500 degrees F for short durations and works well up to 300 degrees F for longer periods of time.
•    Hand portion is treated with an anti-bacterial and anti-mildew agent.
•    Unique textured rough finish provides for an improved grip when handling oily or wet objects.
•    Gloves can be laundered.
•    Will not swell, sag or weaken from fat absorption.
•    Cuff: Elastic (attached)
•    Sizes:7, 8, 9, 10, 11
•    Length: 26” (660mm)
•    Nominal thickness 40 mil (1mm)
•    Color coded stitching indicates size to aid sorting after laundering:
o    Pink        7
o    Blue        8
o    Green      9
o    Yellow    10
o    Red        11
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