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Item #: SMF-30W-P Type, Quantity: White Cotton Cord - 100 pairs
$117.93 in stock
Item #: SMF-30 Type, Quantity: Nylon Cord -100 pairs
$117.93 in stock
Designed for the process industries such as food and pulp/paper, these smart fitting ear plugs are easily detectable by visual or automated methods with their metalized features. They also boast technology that uses body heat to help mold the ear plugs for a comfortable, personalized fit.

  • Conforming Material Technology® adapts to the shape of the surrounding ear canal when in your ear and returns the earplug to its original shape when removed
  • Delivers superior comfort and a truly individual fit
  • Simplifies inventory control- a single product can fit almost every wearer
  • Comes in individual plastic containers
  • NRR 25 dB
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Size One Size Fits All
Noise Reduction Rating NRR 25 dB
Type Reusable
Material Foam
Color Blue/Orange
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