Squids® 3700 Web Tool Tails - 2lb (Variety Pack)


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Ergodyne's Web Tool Tails™ may be small, but they can save lives by securely holding tools from falling at heights. These small straps use ergodyne's special heated or unheated shrink wrap to wrap around tools weighing under 2 pounds. If you are unsure what size(s) you need, this variety pack has one each 5 kinds for you to try out.


  • Ultra strength nylon webbing
  • Fully enclosed plated D-ring for secure attachment
  • High tensile strength nylon thread
  • Web catch with double stitch for more durable stopping point
  • Available in five color coded lengths
  • Maximum safe working capacity: 2 lbs. (0.9 kg)
  • Third party tested using a 2:1 safety factor

Please note, to attach Tool Tails appropriately please use Squids® 3750 Tape Trap™ or Squids® 3723 Small Cold Shrink Trap™.

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