Fibre-Metal Hard Hats

Fibre-Metal, as part of Honeywell Safety Products ,offers a comprehensive line of protective caps and related equipment, designed to the highest standards, with the ultimate safety of each worker in mind. Protecting workers from head injuries is “job one” on any production site and the most effective means of doing so is to equip workers with hard hats that meet applicable industry standards .

Fibre-Metal hard hats provide maximum comfort, reliability, and functionality. All Fibre-Metal hard hats can be ordered with your custom logo. Learn more about ordering custom hard hats

custom hard hats

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  1. Fibre-Metal Roughneck P2 High Heat Fiberglass...
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  2. Fibre-Metal E2 Hard Hat w/ Ratchet Suspension...
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  3. Fibre-Metal E1 Full-Brim Hard Hat w/ Ratchet ...
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DISPLAYING 4 products