Tower Manufacturing Vending Machine In-line GFCI Cord Set


Manufactured by TOWER, these portable GFCI products provide electrical shock protection for people in all work environments while also protecting tools and equipment from damage.

Model 30338175 GFCI is specifically designed for attachment to vending machines. The GFCI is an automatic reset style. The female connector is a IEC 320 style. The plug is right angle 15 amp. The bright “Red” light indicates when the power is “ON”. The TEST and RESET buttons allow for periodic testing.


  • 14/3 gauge STJW cord, 10 ft
  • Trip level 4-6 mA
  • UL and CUL listed
  • Automatic reset
  • UL rainproof rated for outdoor use
  • Complies with UL vending machine requirements for GFCI protection
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