Tower Right Angle GFCI Plug & 9 Inch Pigtail

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Item #: 30334007 Reset Type: Automatic
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Manufactured by TOWER, these portable GFCI products provide electrical shock protection for people in all work environments while also protecting tools and equipment from damage.

Model 30334007(-08) GFCI is a compact, portable GFCI which any maintenance or janitorial person can carry in their tool box to add GFCI protection when working with power tools and equipment.

Ruggedly made for indoor or outdoor use. The bright “Red” light indicates when the power is “ON”. The TEST and RESET buttons allow for periodic testing.


  • 12/3 gauge STJW cord
  • Trip level 4-6 mA
  • UL and CUL listed
  • Manual or Automatic reset
  • UL rainproof rated for outdoor use
  • Complies with all OSHA regulations
  • Open neutral and ground control protection
More Information
Led Power On Indicator Yes
Class A Protection Yes
Operating Temperature Range -35?øC to 66?øC
Impact Resistant Case Yes
Watts Hz 1875/60
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