MSA Ear Plugs

MSA has the reputation of a trusted brand. For over a century, MSA has focused on safety for multiple categories, including: miners, firemen, construction workers and even do-it yourselfers. All MSA ear protection is designed to fit the curves of the head and have been tested to provide the listed Noise Reduction Rating (NRR).
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  1. MSA Helmet-Mounted Earmuffs, XLS Cap Model
    $36.94 in stock
  2. MSA left/RIGHT Headband Earmuffs
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  3. MSA Sound Blocker™ Cap-Mounted Ear Muffs
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  4. MSA Helmet-Mounted Earmuffs, HPE Cap Model
    $43.32 in stock
  5. MSA left/Right High Cap-Mount Earmuffs
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  6. MSA Sound Control SH® Ear Muffs
    $58.22 in stock
  7. MSA Helmet-Mounted Earmuffs, EXC Cap Model
    $39.64 in stock
DISPLAYING 8 products