ProFlex 4000 Single Strap Wrist Support

The ProFlex 4000 Single Strap wrist support with open center stay limits downward (flexion) wrist movements. Featuring a two-stage hook and loop closure, and patented open-center stay, the  ProFlex 4000 series wrist support is an economical solution that provides serious support.

Unlike traditional stay configurations positioned directly over the carpal tunnel, this wrist support's stay is uniquely designed with an open center to reduce pressure on the median nerve. With its contoured design that follows the wrist's natural shape, the patented, molded stay offers greater comfort and compliance.

This wrist support features a two-stage closure that adjust first for exact fit, then for desired level of tension and is machine washable.

More Information
Straps Single Strap
Material Neoprene
Closure Hook & Loop
Color Black or Tan
Short Description Single Strap Support w/ Open Center Stay: Limits downward (flexion) wrist movements.
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