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Explore our complete selection of disposable foam and reusable earplugs from Moldex, Howard Leight Industries, E-A-R, Bilsom and Peltor.

From the world’s best selling E-A-R Classic ear plugs to the cutting edge ear muffs, Cooper Safety has the hearing protection products you need to protect your hearing.

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Ear Plugs and Earmuff Hearing Protection


A complete selection of Moldex, E-A-R and Howard Leight disposable foam ear plugs.
Moldex Sparkplugs
E-A-R Classic Ear Plugs
Howard Leight Max
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Reusable ear plugs from Moldex, Howard Leight and E-A-R.
E-A-R Ultrafit
Howard Leight AirSoft
Moldex Rockets
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Headband Earmuffs

Headband earmuff from 3M Peltor, Moldex,MSA and Howard Leight.Howard Leight C1 Earmuffs
Peltor H10A
MSA left/RIGHT Headband Earmuffs
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Radio Earmuffs

AM FM Radio earmuffs – listen while you work.
Peltor Worktunes