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We sell a complete selection of OSHA approved safety hard hats from MSA, Bullard, Fibre-Metal and more. From full brim hard hats to safety bump caps our line-up of hard hats includes today’s most popular styles and colors.

Looking for custom printed hard hats? No problem we can custom print your logo on any of the hard hats we sell.

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Browse the complete selection of hard hats within the categories above or by manufacturer. Our available hard hat stock includes a wide range of colors and styles including Class E, Class G and Class C. All hard hats ship complete with the shell and suspension insert. All hard hats are certified to meet a certain classication based on the type of protection they offer. These certifications include Class E, G, and C and refers to the amount of electrical voltage the hard hat will protect the worker against. Class E hard hats provide the highest electrial protection and will protect up to 20,000 volts. Class G, or general, provides protection up to 2200 volts and Class C, or conductive, offers no electrical protection.

Additionally, there are two types of hard hats - Type I and Type II. A type I hard hat only provides top-impact protection, whereas a Type II hard hat provides both top-impact and side-impact protection. Type I hard hats are the most common. For additional protection and comfort against rain and harmful uv rays consider using a fullbrim hard hat or a standard safety hard hat with a removable hard hat sun visor. If you require hard hat attachments, such as earmuffs or visors, select a safety hard hat with built-in accessory slots.

Hard hats are available in fiberglass, aluminium and HDPE high-density plastic and are used in a wide variety of industries including construction, mining, road work, food processing plants and manufacturing. If you need any assistance selecting the right hard hat for your work environment please don't hesitate to call or email us.